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Love and Other Natural Disasters | Misa Sugiura | Book Review

Love and Other Natural Disasters was a book that was easy to get into. From the beginning, I could tell that it was going to be set up as a romantic comedy. Unfortunately, there were times when the comedy felt more cringeworthy than romantic comedy. The main character would do or say something that wasContinue reading “Love and Other Natural Disasters | Misa Sugiura | Book Review”

Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry | Joya Goffney | Book Review

Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry is the debut young adult contemporary of Joya Goffney. It follows Quinn, a high school senior, who carries a journal with her everywhere she goes to write down her thoughts and feelings. One day, the journal winds up in the wrong hands, and suddenly Quinn is being blackmailed toContinue reading “Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry | Joya Goffney | Book Review”

Clap When You Land | Elizabeth Acevedo | Book Review

Clap When You Land is a young adult contemporary verse novel written by Elizabeth Acevedo. It is a heartfelt coming-to-age novel that delves into issues of family situations, grief, poverty, and ultimately forgiveness. Before you know it you are invested in the beautiful text and attached to these characters not wanting to let them go.Continue reading “Clap When You Land | Elizabeth Acevedo | Book Review”

Delirium | Lauren Oliver | Book Review

Back in 2012 when I was first entering the book blogging world as co-blogger with April at Good Books and Good Wine, I was also joining her on road trips to Oblong Books for their YA book signing events. So it was no surprise when I joined her for an event for Lauren Oliver andContinue reading “Delirium | Lauren Oliver | Book Review”

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