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What The Cat Dragged In | Kate McMurray | Book Review

What The Cat Dragged In is the second book in the Whitman Street Cat Cafe’ series. I had read the first one Like Cats And Dogs last summer and while I had mixed feelings about the main characters of that story, I had enjoyed the community that was formed. So when I saw the secondContinue reading “What The Cat Dragged In | Kate McMurray | Book Review”

Like Cats and Dogs | Kate McMurray | Book Review

Like Cats and Dogs is the first book in the new Whitman Street Cat Café series by Kate McMurray. It is a romantic comedy set in a small town that has a cat café. The cat café is located right next door to the local vet office. When the new vet Caleb comes to town,Continue reading “Like Cats and Dogs | Kate McMurray | Book Review”

Chasing the Four Winds

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A. A. MacConnell

When you write drabbles, you relieve the pressure of the epic novel expanding in your head.

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