Saturday Movie Review: Swan Song

Swan Song is a new movie written and directed by Todd Stephens. It starts Udo Kier as a retired hairdresser who leaves his nursing home to take a walk through the small town where he lives to get to his final client. On his walk he visits some of the places that hold significance andContinue reading “Saturday Movie Review: Swan Song”

When You Call My Name | Tucker Shaw | Book Review

When You Call My Name honestly broke me and slowly tried to put me together again. This is a beautiful beautiful story. It is set during the 1980s and 1990s and is centered around the HIV/AIDS epidemic. No book with this as it’s central premise is going to be happy but, this one has somehowContinue reading “When You Call My Name | Tucker Shaw | Book Review”

Chasing the Four Winds

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A. A. MacConnell

When you write drabbles, you relieve the pressure of the epic novel expanding in your head.

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