September 2021 Recap | October 2021 TBR

How is it October 1st? I swear, I just wrote the August recap! This year is going by so fast which I guess is a good thing considering certain events. Also, it’s finally fall and I LOVE FALL! Let’s recap… Personal Recap: -My job continues to be going very well. I really like it thereContinue reading “September 2021 Recap | October 2021 TBR”

August 2021 Recap | September 2021 TBR

August was a good month and also my birthday month. It’s hard to believe that I’m now 34. I don’t actually feel older but, I have acknowledged it. After all you are only as young as you feel! Let’s recap August… Personal Recap: -I started a new job! It has been going good so far.Continue reading “August 2021 Recap | September 2021 TBR”

July 2021 Recap | August 2021 TBR

It’s officially my birthday month! I can’t believe I will be 34 on August 6th. As I grow older I am continually reminded how much I actually do not know and still need to learn. You never really stop learning in this life! Let’s recap July… Personal Recap: -Oh look, this month had another visitContinue reading “July 2021 Recap | August 2021 TBR”

May 2021 Recap | June TBR 2021

We have officially reached the halfway point for 2021! Part of me is still waiting to catch up from last year. May was an interesting month. Let’s recap… Personal Review: ~>I continued with therapy this month. It has been helpful. After last session, I’ve started writing a daily therapy review with any concerns that IContinue reading “May 2021 Recap | June TBR 2021”

April 2021 Recap | May 2021 TBR

Happy May everyone! I’m hoping that everyone is doing well. Personally, I’m looking forward to the warmer weather. April was a pretty good month. I feel like I’m starting to move forward with some things and getting excited about the possibility of other things. Let’s recap… Personal Review: ~~> In March, it was Simon’s turnContinue reading “April 2021 Recap | May 2021 TBR”

March 2021 Recap | April 2021 TBR

March is over. Where did it go? This was a decent month but did hold a couple of set backs for me personally. I’m taking everything one day at a time and continue to move forward at the pace which is right for me. That’s really all I can do right now, right? Let’s review…Continue reading “March 2021 Recap | April 2021 TBR”

January 2021 Recap | February 2021 TBR

Is anyone else having a hard time believing that we’re already in February? 2020 felt like it was going to drag on forever and somehow we are already entering the second month of 2021. January was a bit of a rough month personally but I did get quite a bit accomplished as a reader andContinue reading “January 2021 Recap | February 2021 TBR”

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