An Amish Christmas Quilt | Charlotte Hubbard | Kelly Long | Jennifer Beckstrand | Book Review

As a reader, I’m always interested in trying out new genres of books. One of these genres in particular are books that are written with main characters who are Amish. This is why An Amish Christmas Quilt seemed like a perfect introduction into this world. An Amish Christmas Quilt is a collection of three storiesContinue reading “An Amish Christmas Quilt | Charlotte Hubbard | Kelly Long | Jennifer Beckstrand | Book Review”

Home For Christmas | Lily Everett | Book Review

Home For Christmas brings me back to one of my favorite small town locations, Sanctuary Island, just in time for Christmas. This time the story follows Libby (a writer) and Owen (a wounded veteran) as they make an undeniable connection during the holiday season. Of course, no undeniable connection is without plenty of misunderstandings andContinue reading “Home For Christmas | Lily Everett | Book Review”

A Mistletoe Christmas | Carly Cassidy | Cathy McDavid | Marin Thomas | Book Review

A Mistletoe Christmas is a collection of three stories each set in the small Texas town of Mistletoe. In each of these stories, there is holiday cheer, second chance romance, and of course tons of mistletoe. They were easy, quick reads that helped get me in my Christmas in July spirit. Santa’s Mistletoe Mistake byContinue reading “A Mistletoe Christmas | Carly Cassidy | Cathy McDavid | Marin Thomas | Book Review”

Christmas in Eternity Springs | Emily March | Audiobook Review

WHY DID I LISTEN TO CHRISTMAS IN ETERNITY SPRINGS BY EMILY MARCH? Christmas in Eternity Springs has been on my holiday TBR for several years. I had originally received an ARC to read back in 2016 but, never actually read it. Honestly, I’ve had a mixed relationship with the Eternity Springs series by Emily March.Continue reading “Christmas in Eternity Springs | Emily March | Audiobook Review”

In A Holidaze | Christina Lauren | Book Review

In A Holidaze is a book that was on my holiday TBR list last year but, I never actually read it. So, I knew when I was doing a Christmas in July feature here on the blog that this was one book I had to read. From page one, I was brought into a funContinue reading “In A Holidaze | Christina Lauren | Book Review”

Satisfaction Guaranteed | Karelia Stetz-Waters | Book Review

Satisfaction Guaranteed is such a delightful LGBTQ romantic comedy. The last thing Cade Elgin expects to inherit a house and a failing sex shop from her deceased Aunt but suddenly she is called from her life in NYC to Portland, Oregon for exactly that. She is not the only one who has inherited though. HerContinue reading “Satisfaction Guaranteed | Karelia Stetz-Waters | Book Review”

The Worst Best Man | Mia Sosa | Book Review

When I first heard about The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa I have to admit that it didn’t seem like my cup of tea. Although it had two of my favorite troupes at the center of it – hate to love relationship and pseudo-dating – I was struck by the fact that the perceivedContinue reading “The Worst Best Man | Mia Sosa | Book Review”

All I Ask | Corinne Michaels | Book Review

All I Ask by Corinne Michaels is a second chance contemporary romance. It follows Teagan and Derek, former best friends who are now both single parents. Unbeknownst to each other, they both had feelings beyond friendship but, were afraid to move forward with these feelings and ruining their friendship. Shortly after Derek’s wedding, their friendshipContinue reading “All I Ask | Corinne Michaels | Book Review”

The Unforgettable Hero | Valerie Bowman | Book Review

The Unforgettable Hero is a historical romance novella and part of Valerie Bowman’s Playful Brides series. I have previously read and reviewed two of the books in this series (The Untamed Earl and The Legendary Lord) which I enjoyed. This novella gives you a small peak into this world which I found enjoyable and easyContinue reading “The Unforgettable Hero | Valerie Bowman | Book Review”

One Last Stop | Casey McQuiston | Book Review

One Last Stop is the sophomore novel of author Casey McQuiston. I think after the success of their debut Red, White, and Royal Blue readers were wondering if they would be able to follow up. Personally, I enjoyed Red, White, and Royal Blue more as a reader but, this is not to discredit One LastContinue reading “One Last Stop | Casey McQuiston | Book Review”

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