Fake It Till You Bake It | Jamie Wesley | Book Review

It took me a little bit to get into Fake It Till You Bake It but once I did I really did enjoy the ride. From the moment that Jada and Donovan meet, they bring out the fire in each other. Jada insults his cupcakes business and he thinks she is a pretentious bear. TheirContinue reading “Fake It Till You Bake It | Jamie Wesley | Book Review”

Until We Meet | Camille Di Maio | Book Review

Until We Meet is a new historical fiction set during World War II. It follows two groups of friends as they try and survive the war. The first is best friends Gladys, Dottie, and Margaret – three women working in the Navy Yard and knitting socks for the soldiers in their spare time. The secondContinue reading “Until We Meet | Camille Di Maio | Book Review”

The Romance Recipe | Ruby Barrett | Book Review

Sophie Brunet is a former reality shower finalist who was recently hired as the head chef for Amy Chambers restaurant. All she want so to do is cook without all the distractions. Unfortunately, she restaurant is failing, and its owner is one of those distractions. Sophie and Amy clash every time they are in theContinue reading “The Romance Recipe | Ruby Barrett | Book Review”

Love Radio | Ebony LaDelle | Book Review

When I saw the synopsis for Love Radio on Netgalley, I was immediately intrigued by the Hitch references. I saw Hitch in the movie theatre when it came out with a group of friends and enjoyed it. I still think it is a good movie and was curious how the premise would translate to aContinue reading “Love Radio | Ebony LaDelle | Book Review”

Saturday Movie Review: Crush

Crush is a new movie released by Hulu. It stars Rowan Blanchard, Auli’i Cravalho, and Isabella Ferreira as the three main characters. It also features Megan Mullaly as Rowan Blanchard’s characters free spirits mother. The premise for this movie is hat as an attempt to finally win the eye of the girl, Gabriela, that sheContinue reading “Saturday Movie Review: Crush”

The Edge of Summer | Erica George | Book Review

I read Erica George’s debut Words Composed of Sea and Sky and found a strong new voice of young adult stories. When I saw her sophomore book The Edge of Summer on Netgalley, I was quick to request it. Once again, the setting is Cape Cod and this time around there is a strong focusContinue reading “The Edge of Summer | Erica George | Book Review”

Conventionally Yours | Annabeth Albert | Book Review

Conventionally Yours is an adorable LGBTQIA romance written by Annabeth Albert. The two main characters, Conrad and Aiden, are both gamers and often play against each other for the online video blog Gamer Grandpa. Their game of choice of Odyssey but their tactics are on the complete opposite of the competitive spectrum. This of courseContinue reading “Conventionally Yours | Annabeth Albert | Book Review”

The Wedding Season | Katy Birchall | Book Review

Freya Scott is having the perfect day or at least the perfect day before her wedding. Her wedding will be the real perfect day. She is marrying her long term boyfriend Matthew and kicking off the wedding season for her, her family, and her friends. Everything is set to go off without a hitch untilContinue reading “The Wedding Season | Katy Birchall | Book Review”

A Show For Two | Tashie Bhuiyan | Book Review

I’ll be honest, I’ve been siting on writing this review for A Show For Two. I had alot of mixed feelings with this one. The enemies to lovers romance was so good! Unfortunately, the other elements within the story left me feeling unsettled. When Mina and Emmit first met, they immediately clash. In fact, MinaContinue reading “A Show For Two | Tashie Bhuiyan | Book Review”

When You Call My Name | Tucker Shaw | Book Review

When You Call My Name honestly broke me and slowly tried to put me together again. This is a beautiful beautiful story. It is set during the 1980s and 1990s and is centered around the HIV/AIDS epidemic. No book with this as it’s central premise is going to be happy but, this one has somehowContinue reading “When You Call My Name | Tucker Shaw | Book Review”

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