The Christmas Bookshop | Jenny Colgan | Book Review

The Christmas Bookshop is a brand new Christmas story by Jenny Colgan. It follows two sisters who have completely different lifestyles and are reunited during the holiday season. There are trials and tribulations through out that help the characters grow and truly find themselves. Plus, the beautiful Christmas backdrop helps everything come together. Carmen worksContinue reading “The Christmas Bookshop | Jenny Colgan | Book Review”

Dear Santa | Debbie Macomber | Book Review

Dear Santa is Debbie Macomber’s newest Christmas story and it is oh so sweet. Lindy Carmichael is home for the holidays and has alot on her mind. Her job has made her feel completely void of creativity and her heart has been broken by her ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend. So when she arrives home, she’sContinue reading “Dear Santa | Debbie Macomber | Book Review”

A Yuletide Kiss | Madeline Hunter | Sabrina Jeffries | Mary Jo Putney | Book Review

A Yuletide Kiss is a Christmas collection written by three of the most popular regency romances of today. All three romances are set at a small country inn where a group of travelers are stranded from a winter storm. There is a touch of spice, mistletoe, and the spirit of the holidays through out allContinue reading “A Yuletide Kiss | Madeline Hunter | Sabrina Jeffries | Mary Jo Putney | Book Review”

Holding Out For Christmas | Janet Dailey | Book Review

Holding Out For Christmas is the third book in The Christmas Tree Ranch series. This one is super sweet and actually has seem good character growth. Playboy and professional bull riding champion Connor has had a front row seat to his two best friends falling in love, and now he is seeing what he hasContinue reading “Holding Out For Christmas | Janet Dailey | Book Review”

It’s A Christmas Thing | Janet Dailey | Book Review

It’s A Christmas Thing is the second book of The Christmas Tree Ranch series. This tike the story focuses in the traveling veterinarian Rush and the local judge Tracy. The two characters had met previously when Rush went to a court hearing for a misunderstanding with the Christmas tree ranch. Rush was immediately attracted toContinue reading “It’s A Christmas Thing | Janet Dailey | Book Review”

My Kind Of Christmas | Janet Dailey | Book Review

My Kind Of Christmas is the first book in The Christmas Tree Ranch series. It is not a thought provoking book but it is a good story to help get you in the holiday spirit. The main character Travis is an ex-cop who has spent time in prison for accidental manslaughter. Now he is releasedContinue reading “My Kind Of Christmas | Janet Dailey | Book Review”

The Christmas House | Victoria James | Book Review

The Christmas House is a story about choices and how they influence your life and the lives around you. It is also a story about generations and how traits are passed down without anyone fully noticing. And a story of how resilience is built as life experiences hit you or change you. Throw in theContinue reading “The Christmas House | Victoria James | Book Review”

Bad Habit | Charleigh Rose | Book Review

Bad Habit is the first book in the Bad Love series. I discovered this book through TikTok where the author made a brief snippet which caught my attention. It sounded like a bad boy type of story which I do enjoy from time to time especially if it is well written. So, I delved headContinue reading “Bad Habit | Charleigh Rose | Book Review”

How To Marry Keanu Reeves In 90 Days | K.M. Jackson | Book Review

We all have that celebrity that we have idolized and would be devastated if something happened to. In the case of Bethany Lu, this celebrity is Keanu Reeves, and when she sees a news blurb that he is getting married her heart drops in her chest. She cannot believe this is happening and becomes obsessedContinue reading “How To Marry Keanu Reeves In 90 Days | K.M. Jackson | Book Review”

The Mistletoe Pact | Jo Lovett | Book Review

The Mistletoe Pact is the story of two people who make an innocent pact that if neither of them is married by age 30, they will marry each other. It is a story of unsolved emotions, hidden feelings, and several “almost” moments. It is also a story that involves two people who have basically knownContinue reading “The Mistletoe Pact | Jo Lovett | Book Review”

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