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Saturday Movie Review: Stuck With You

Stuck With You is a new French film starring Kev Adams and Camille LeLouche as two strangers trapped in an elevator on New Years Eve. These characters are polar opposites. One is mainly easy going and comedic while the other is more reserved and tight vested. During their time together, each character reveals a storyContinue reading “Saturday Movie Review: Stuck With You”

The Godparent Trap | Rachel Van Dyken | Book Review

When I finished The Godparent Trap, I was quick to get on Twitter to express my love for this story. I loved it and knew it was going to take a bit to gather my thoughts. If I’m honest, I have a feeling tis review is still all over the place. The ultimate consensus isContinue reading “The Godparent Trap | Rachel Van Dyken | Book Review”

Saturday Movie Review: Operation Christmas Drop

Operation Christmas Drop is a 2020 Christmas movie that was released on Netflix. It is a romantic comedy that stars Alexander Ludwig and Kat Graham as the two leads. Kat portrays a young congress aide Erica trying to make a mark; and Alexander portrays Air Force captain, Andrew Jantz. Erica is instructed to go toContinue reading “Saturday Movie Review: Operation Christmas Drop”

The Singles Table | Sara Desai | Book Review

The Singles Table is the third book in The Marriage Game series. It was so much fun to return to the Patel family and their matchmaking shenanigans. Those Aunties never fail to make me laugh. Right away they could tell that thee was something sparking between Zara and Jay….even if they refuse to admit itContinue reading “The Singles Table | Sara Desai | Book Review”

Saturday Movie Review: Just Wright

Just Wright is a 2010 romantic comedy staring Queen Latifah and Common. It tells the story of a physical therapist who falls for a professional basketball player. It has a bit of the usual cliché romance predictability but, it is still charming. It is the perfect reminder that sometimes the thing you are looking forContinue reading “Saturday Movie Review: Just Wright”

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