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Love Radio | Ebony LaDelle | Book Review

When I saw the synopsis for Love Radio on Netgalley, I was immediately intrigued by the Hitch references. I saw Hitch in the movie theatre when it came out with a group of friends and enjoyed it. I still think it is a good movie and was curious how the premise would translate to aContinue reading “Love Radio | Ebony LaDelle | Book Review”

She Gets The Girl | Rachael Lippincott and Alyson Derrick | Book Review

She Gets The Girl follows an old school formula and it results in a wonderful gem of a storyline. The old school formula in this case was “extrovert flirt tries to teach introverted new lesbian how to get the girl.” Of course along the way some feelings emerge forcing each character to reevaluate what theyContinue reading “She Gets The Girl | Rachael Lippincott and Alyson Derrick | Book Review”

Take Me Home Tonight | Morgan Matson | Book Review

I get frightened in all this darknessI get nightmares I hate to sleep aloneI need some company, a guardian angelTo keep me warm when the cold winds blowI can feel you breatheI can feel your heart beat fasterTake me home tonight~Eddie Money Yes. I’m starting this review of Take Me Home Tonight with lyrics fromContinue reading “Take Me Home Tonight | Morgan Matson | Book Review”

Chasing the Four Winds

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A. A. MacConnell

When you write drabbles, you relieve the pressure of the epic novel expanding in your head.

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