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Maiden Voyages | Siãn Evans | Book Review

April found Maiden Voyages: Magnificent Ocean Liners and the Women Who Traveled and Worked Aboard Them on Netgalley and immediately recommended it to me based on my love of Titanic and strong adventurous women. It took me a while to get into it. I’m not sure if it was the set up of my e-arcContinue reading “Maiden Voyages | Siãn Evans | Book Review”

A Reckless Match | Kate Bateman | Book Review

A Reckless Match is the first book in the new series Ruthless Rivals by Kate Bateman. I was immediately drawn to this new series once I read the tag line “The first in a new regency romance series about two feuding families and reunited childhood enemies whose hatred turns to love.” Regency romance? Check. FeudingContinue reading “A Reckless Match | Kate Bateman | Book Review”

Caught Up In The Touch | Laura Trentham | Book Review

Caught Up In The Touch is the second book set in Falcon, Alabama. I was so excited to be back in this environment again. This time the spark is around Logan Wilde and Jessica Montgomery. Their initial meeting does not go as planned but, it is the perfect set up for the dynamic of theirContinue reading “Caught Up In The Touch | Laura Trentham | Book Review”

Blame It On The Mistletoe | Nicole Michaels | Book Review

Blame It On The Mistletoe is such a cute holiday romance. It is part of Nicole Michaels’ Hearts and Crafts series. I had previously read this story when it first came out but for some reason I never provided a review. So, I knew I had to read it again for my Christmas in JulyContinue reading “Blame It On The Mistletoe | Nicole Michaels | Book Review”

Christmas At Evergreen Inn | Donna Alward | Book Review

Christmas at Evergreen Inn is a short novella set within the Jewel Cove series by Donna Alward. I had not previously read any of the Jewel Cove books that did not feel lost at all. This is a story that you can enter with no pretenses and almost immediately understand the layout of the smallContinue reading “Christmas At Evergreen Inn | Donna Alward | Book Review”

Miss Match | Laurelin McGee | Book Review

Miss Match is like ordering a delicious glass of bubbly wine and drinking it all up. It is such a quirky, heart-warming, and laugh out loud funny book. And the chemistry between the main characters is top notch! Blake hires Andrea to be his matchmaker. He instructs her to find him a wife – someoneContinue reading “Miss Match | Laurelin McGee | Book Review”

Home At Last | Lily Everett | Book Review

Lily Everett’s Sanctuary Island series is one of my favorite contemporary romance series to date. The setting is a small town with fields of wild horses. It all seems to be very calm and peaceful and a place that I would love to actually live. Previously, I have read and reviewed Sanctuary Island, Shoreline Drive,Continue reading “Home At Last | Lily Everett | Book Review”

Win Me Over | Nicole Michaels | Book Review

Win Me Over is the second book in the Hearts and Crafts series by Nicole Michaels. I have not read the first book in the series (Start Me Up) but, did not get the feel like I was missing anything. Set in a small town, the air of this book is filled with the warmthContinue reading “Win Me Over | Nicole Michaels | Book Review”

It’s All About The Duke | Amelia Grey | Book Review

I had received It’s All About The Duke as an ARC to review from St. Martin’s Press prior to its publication in 2018. I did not get the opportunity to read it at that time due to other commitments. Flash forward to 2021 when I’m working on catching up on my Netgalley backlog and IContinue reading “It’s All About The Duke | Amelia Grey | Book Review”

Gold Dust Woman | Stephen Davis | Book Review

Gold Dust Woman: The Biography of Stevie Nicks opens with a recap of one of my favorite Fleetwood Mac performances: Rhiannon live on Midnight Special in 1976. I was introduced to this performance by my boyfriend Shane when we first started dating. Watching Stevie Nicks get lost in her music and tell her story wasContinue reading “Gold Dust Woman | Stephen Davis | Book Review”

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