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His Christmas Guardian | Cindy Dees | Book Review

His Christmas Guardian pulls you right in from the beginning. It is part of the Runaway Ranch series but, all of these books can be read as a stand alone. The story starts out at a cocktail party in an art gallery where the main character Nick, a government ops operator, is tracking another guest.Continue reading “His Christmas Guardian | Cindy Dees | Book Review”

Her SEAL Bodyguard | Cindy Dees | Book Review

Her SEAL Bodyguard brings us back to the small knit community of Sandy Creek, Montana once again. Even if this your first visit, you will easily fall in love with the small town. Plus the two main characters are outsiders trying to find their way. The first is Gia Rykhof, who in an operative hidingContinue reading “Her SEAL Bodyguard | Cindy Dees | Book Review”

The Cowboy’s Deadly Reunion | Cindy Dees | Book Review

The Cowboy’s Deadly Reunion is the second book in the Runaway Ranch series by Cindy Dees. Wes Morgan was a highly decorated Marine until lies destroyed it all from a woman named Jessica. She was his bosses daughter and filled with a strong rebellious spirit. It is this rebellious spirit that gets her into troubleContinue reading “The Cowboy’s Deadly Reunion | Cindy Dees | Book Review”

Navy SEAL’s Deadly Secret | Cindy Dees | Book Review

Navy Seal’s Deadly Secret is the first book in the Runaway Ranch series by Cindy Dees. The main character Brett Morgan has recently returned home after a recent deployment and his is a wounded man. His last mission went horribly wrong but, he cannot remember exactly what happened. Not remembering brings an intense feeling ofContinue reading “Navy SEAL’s Deadly Secret | Cindy Dees | Book Review”

Home For A Cowboy Christmas | Donna Grant | Book Review

In Home For A Cowboy Christmas, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Well maybe for everyone else not Emmy Garrett. She is on the run after witnessing a murder completed by a mob boss. There was a leak regarding her most recent hiding place and after an assassination attempt she is quickly movedContinue reading “Home For A Cowboy Christmas | Donna Grant | Book Review”

Not A Happy Family | Shari Lapena | Book Review

Not A Happy Family was one of my BOTM picks. If there is one thing BOTM is doing for me it’s expanding my reading tastes. This is the second murder mystery thrilled I have picked and for the most part I enjoyed it. In fact, I enjoyed it enough to read it in one day.Continue reading “Not A Happy Family | Shari Lapena | Book Review”

A New York Christmas | Anne Perry | Audiobook Review

WHY DID I LISTEN TO A NEW YORK CHRISTMAS BY ANNE PERRY? A New York Christmas is a book that has been on my TBR in 2014 as an ARC. I think it has just been a case of too many books not enough time. When I found the audiobook on Libby, I immediately borrowedContinue reading “A New York Christmas | Anne Perry | Audiobook Review”

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