Not A Happy Family | Shari Lapena | Book Review

Not A Happy Family was one of my BOTM picks. If there is one thing BOTM is doing for me it’s expanding my reading tastes. This is the second murder mystery thrilled I have picked and for the most part I enjoyed it. In fact, I enjoyed it enough to read it in one day.Continue reading “Not A Happy Family | Shari Lapena | Book Review”

Imposter Syndrome | Kathy Wang | Book Review

Impostor Syndrome by Kathy Wang was one of my recent Book of the Month picks. The synopsis of was so intriguing! It follows a young Russian woman who has been recruited to become a spy for a governmental intelligence agency, and infiltrate a thriving tech company in Silicon Valley. Like I said, very intriguing right?Continue reading “Imposter Syndrome | Kathy Wang | Book Review”

The Maidens | Alex Michaelides | Book Review

The Maidens is the book that I chose for my Book of the Month in June. Anyone who knows me would have been surprised by this choice. Murder? Mystery? Greek mythology? Not my usual choice of reading material. Yet something was drawing me to this book and I’m so glad I listened. “The Maidens” areContinue reading “The Maidens | Alex Michaelides | Book Review”

Brothers | William Goldman | Book Review

Brothers is the sequel to Marathon Man by William Goldman and it really is just as weird as its predecessor. Honestly, I think you have to suspend reality a little when you are reading these books. Other wise, you’re probably going to be in way over your head. The timeline for Brothers jumps a fewContinue reading “Brothers | William Goldman | Book Review”

Marathon Man | William Goldman | Book Review

Marathon Man by William Goldman is definitely not what you would call my “normal” read. It was originally published in 1974 and re-released in 2013. I was offered the chance to review it via Netgalley in 2013 and because I loved the authors previous work The Princess Bride I agreed to do so. Ultimately, IContinue reading “Marathon Man | William Goldman | Book Review”

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