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Bombshell | Sarah MacLean | Book Review

Bombshell is the first book in Sarah MacLean’s new Hell’s Belles series and it is dynamite! If this one was any indication, I’m going to love this whole series. It was so much fun and filled with dynamic characters, hot chemistry, delicious longing, and just a touch of scandal. It is one hell of a ride from beginning to end.

The heroine for Bombshell is Lady Sesily Talbot. She is feisty, brilliant, and independent. Her nickname is Sexily and she has been known to cause more than one scandal within society. She is also part of a girl gang – the Hell’s Belles – women who work together to right the wrongs against other women. She is proud of the scandals that she has created and the fact that no one is able to slow her down. Well, almost no one….

Enter American Caleb Calhoun. The one man who has had any sort of effect on Sesily. ..and I can completely understand why. He is such a good hero for this story. He’s a charming, playful and devious. He isn’t afraid to trade barbs with Sesily even though she’s a woman. They push each others buttons in the very best way and have both been secretly pining after each other for years.

Secrets can only stay secrets for so long especially when it comes to pining. And when everything comes to the surface, it is explosive. There is chemistry, yearning, teasing, and an emotional connection. These two characters take you on a journey and it is a journey that I was invested in from beginning to end. They are drawn to each other, need each other, and will do almost anything to protect each other. It’s just so good…and written so very well.

The other thing that I felt was written very well in Bombshell was the description of the strong women within the Hell’s Belles gang. Each of them had their own quirks and personality and I can’t wait to learn more about them. Their bond felt real and I loved how they worked together to right what they felt is wrong within society. The fact that this was all inspired by an actual real life woman’s gang during this era makes it even more interesting to me. These women have so many strengths which are often frowned up and they know exactly how to use them.

I’m excited that Bombshell is the first book within this new series. I can’t wait to read more about the Hell’s Belles and hopefully get a few more glimpses of Sesily and Caleb. I look foward to whatever sceams, dreams and romances are ahead for all of these characters. If you enjoy historical romance that is filled with banter, independent female characters, and chemistry, you will likely really enjoy this one too!

Rating: 5 Stars

**I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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