A Stardance Summer | Emily March | Book Review

A Stardance Summer is one of the Eternity Springs novels written by Emily March. I have read of few of these stories. Some I liked. Others just weren’t my cup of tea. The premise of all of these stories is usually the same – two broken souls are brought together in the “magical” Eternity Springs – but there is always some sort of twist.

In A Stardance Summer the twist is the classic brother’s best friend love interest. Lili Howe grew up with a slight crush on her older brothers’ friend Mark. The feelings were never reciprocated and more often than not she was embarrassed by them. It has been years since she has seen Mark so imagine her surprise when he winds up being the owner of the Stardance Ranch where she is staying at with her new friends the Tornado Alleycats.

Lili isn’t the only one surprised by the encounter so is Mark. He is better now known as Brick – a nickname bestowed on him by his family – the Callahan’s. Brick hasn’t thought of Lili in years. The last time she saw her she just the younger sister – and now she’s all grown up and skinny dipping in the dark. The spark between Lili and Brick is noticeable right away. Of course a little nudity doesn’t hurt this spark. Both characters do their best to ignore it – Lili because she is trying to build her life and has been burned by Brick before – and Brick because that is his best friends little sister and he would kill him if he hurt her. The more the two characters try to ignore the spark, the more it is there. And some good friends in the neighborhood want to help move it along.

Lili is at the camp with the Tornado Alleycats – a group of no so mild mannered elderly woman who just want to live it up. These women are so funny and Lili finds herself wrapped up with them as she tries to not play it safe anymore. Playing it safe has gotten her no where and allowed people to walk all over her. I could relate to Lili in this regard and enjoyed watching her take chances. One of the biggest chances she takes is on Brick. Like I said there are some very “helpful” friends in the neighbor hood who work together to get the two stubborn main characters together where they can lay it all out on the line.

The atmosphere of Eternity Springs has a sense of magic and healing to it. It is this atmosphere that plays a role in healing Lili and Brick and allowing them to be together with no expectations. Both characters have been hurt in the past and are way stronger together. Laying it all out on the line forces them to realize this. This time around I found the connection between the main characters to feel real and endearing instead of forced and dry as has happened with other romances in Eternity Springs.

A Stardance Summer is a light summer read. As a reader you can go into it without necessarily knowing the other characters from the series. If you are meant to meet them, you will. The dynamic of the town is very all encompassing and someone is always willing to help someone else out. And no one is afraid of a little white lie or bribery. This allows for some hilarious moments which I think readers will enjoy if they are in the mood for a light summer romance.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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