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What The Cat Dragged In | Kate McMurray | Book Review

What The Cat Dragged In is the second book in the Whitman Street Cat Cafe’ series. I had read the first one Like Cats And Dogs last summer and while I had mixed feelings about the main characters of that story, I had enjoyed the community that was formed. So when I saw the second book on Netgalley and saw that it was a best friend/brother/forbidden romance troupe I knew I had to give it a chance. Plus I really wanted to revisit the cat café again.

Paige Danvers is the event coordinator at the café. She is also a single woman trying to find love in Brooklyn. After multiple failed dates selected via dating apps, she is encouraged to find a distraction and decides to volunteer with a local cat rescue that traps feral cats. At the same time, Josh Harlow is a new lawyer in Manhattan and has been required to do volunteer work. He winds up at the same rescue program as Paige and there is immediate chemistry between them. They continue to spend time together after the program and everything is going really well…until the following morning when Paige discovers Josh is actually her boss Lauren’s younger brother.

I was hooked on Paige and Josh from their first meeting. These two are cute together and they have chemistry. Of course, I knew the connection before they did and laughed on how everything was revealed. Paige is so dedicated to her job and her friendship with Lauren that she is willing to give up her happiness for it. Josh is also dedicated to his job and as a first year lawyer there is alot thrown at him. These factors play a role in rather or not Paige and Josh want to pursue a relationship. It also adds to the tension component when they start dating in secret even in front of Lauren. Paige and Josh are so sweet together and I enjoyed watching their relationship blossom.

What I did not enjoy was the drama. My main issue with the first book was the immaturity and the drama. And just like in the first book the majority of the drama comes from Lauren. How Lauren will react? How Lauren will feel? How will this effect their relationship with her? Forget the emotions of Paige and Josh – you know the actual people in this relationship. Paige would rather be miserable than step up to her friend and be her own person. I mean thankfully she does figure all this out and so does Josh which helps move the story along. It’s just the drama was overdone and not needed.

What The Cat Dragged In returned me to a cute little cat café within a strongly formed community. It also allowed me to see Brooklyn through the eyes of the characters which was fun. I do wish there had been more focus on the relationship and less on the drama though. Regardless I will be back to visit the café again when the next story comes out.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

**I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

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