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The Legendary Lord | Valerie Bowman | Book Review

The Legendary Lord by Valerie Bowman is the sixth book in the Playful Brides series. I had previously read The Untamed Earl in this series and had enjoyed it so I was looking forward to this one too. Plus, the cover art for this one is pretty stunning, isn’t it?

The Legendary Lord follows the relationship of Sarah Highgate and Christian Forester, Viscount Berkley. They meet when Sarah flees from an unwanted betrothal and winds up in Christian’s hunting lodge in Scotland. Sarah agrees to let Christian help her get safely back into society with no damage to her reputation. In return, she will help make him into a legendary lord who is capable to finding a wife. But, what happens to their friendly agreement when the sparks begin to fly?

The Legendary Lord was mostly a light-hearted romance. Sarah is a sweet character who always tries to please people even if it means going against what she actually wants. Thus explaining her unhappy betrothal that she does not know how to break. Christian has been better known as a ladies friend instead of someone who is capable to wooing a lady. He is honest and kind but also incredibly shy in front of women. Except for Sarah. Immediately, there is a trust with Sarah that turns into friendship but, there is also heat with them. I felt that their relationship was very natural and that the feelings and chemistry that develop were real. They challenged each other and brought out the best in each other.

I enjoyed the first half of The Legendary Lord because there was alot of character building and as a reader I could feel the chemistry becoming strong between Sarah and Christian. Unfortunately, the second half kind of left me wanting more. It was filled with misunderstandings and resistance that just could have honestly been solved with one simple conversation. While I understand Valerie Bowman may have been trying to build things up between the characters but, I just felt like it was being strung along too much; and I don’t like that as a reader.

There are also appearances by some of the other characters in The Playful Bride series which were nice to see again. It was not confusing if you didn’t know their full history and it was fun to watch them try to get Sarah and Christian together. All in all, if you’re looking for a simple Regency romance The Legendary Lord may be perfect for you. While it missed the mark for me in a couple of parts, I’m still glad I read it.

Rating: 3 Stars

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