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No Gods No Monsters | Cadwell Turnwell | Book Review

No Gods No Monsters is the first book in the new convergence saga by Cadwell Turner. It is an urban fantasy that is focused on the modern day issues of police brutality, sexuality, and bigotry. It is a beautifully written adventure that made sure the reader is paying attention and kept on their toes. However, there is mention of physical abuse, drug abuse, and police mishandling of mental health so it might not be for every reader.

There are several characters in No Gods No Monsters but each is slowly introduced with their own story and reason for being included in the book. These characters each are diverse with varying backgrounds, gender expressions, and sexuality. These characteristics also lead to the explanation of the creatures which the characters evolve into. They have been able to keep these characteristics under wraps but when a episode of deadly police brutality it forced everything to the surface revealing an entire world of monsters and gods.

The episode of police brutality is recorded via body cam and winds up in the hands of the victims sister. When she watches it for the first time, she uncovers exactly what her brother had been up to during their time apart. Their relationship has been broken due to family trauma and drug abuse. At first, she has a hard time believing it is actually her brother especially when a wolf like creature first appears and is so angry and distraught. She becomes determined to figure out exactly what happened and is introduced to a whole new underground world.

The characters are so inclusive and have created their own individual familial units. I really loved how these units were formed and the underground world as a whole. It take the concept of otherness and fighting bigotry and oppression to a new unique level. The connections between these characters felt so heartfelt as are their decisions to safely take a stand and make a change. It is beautifully written and is such a good mixture of fantasy and science fiction elements.

So many elements and components within No Gods No Monsters are honestly hard to explain. I mean, it is just so multi-layered things and I think are better to be experienced as an unsuspecting reader. I think that is what I think that is what made reading this so exciting for me ; and I want others to experience it the same way. I can’t wait to see where author Cadwell Turnbull takes this story and these characters next. I’m looking forward to delving deeper into the world of gods and monsters.

Rating: 5 Stars

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