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It’s A Christmas Thing | Janet Dailey | Book Review

It’s A Christmas Thing is the second book of The Christmas Tree Ranch series. This tike the story focuses in the traveling veterinarian Rush and the local judge Tracy. The two characters had met previously when Rush went to a court hearing for a misunderstanding with the Christmas tree ranch. Rush was immediately attracted to Tracy but their paths have not crossed since. That is until Tracy calls Rush regarding a stray cat…

Rush is new to the town of Branding Iron but is starting to make a name for himself as the local traveling vet. Tracy is also newer town and has made the personal decision to stay away from others. Alot of this has to donwith the loss of her husband, Steve and her feelings of mourning. She would rather just stay home with her elderly dog Murphy than go out and make new friends. It takes the unexpected presence of a pregnant cat and continual interactions with the handsome vet to slowly start to change her mind.

Tracy and Rush definitely have a slow burn Romance. Both of them have alot on their plates. Rush is still recovering from his divorce and finding out that the little girl he was raising was not actually her. And suddenly he is responsible for her again when her parents are away on a cruise. Clara is absolutely adorable and brings such charm to the story. It is not too long before she has Rush and his friends Travis and Connor wrapped right around her tiny fingers. She is a little matchmaker in the works too. I really enjoyed the moments between Rush, Tracy, and Clara. They were like their own little family playing in the snow together. The fact that Clara had to eventually go back home did hang over them a little but, there was also a sense of hope that everything would work out.

I also enjoyed the side story with the kittens. I’m a cat lover so any story that involves cats usually gets me hook, line, and sinker. I also laughed at some of the antics that were being described as the kittens grew older. My heart broke for Tracy though in regards to her relationship with her dog Murphy. Murphy is one of the last connections she has to her deceased husband and she is scared of losing him too. This is a beautiful lesson in letting go and moving on.

It is a Christmas time in Branding Iron once again so there is alot of focus on the holidays and holiday prep throughout It’s A Christmas Thing. The holiday prep includes the growing business of the Christmas tree farm and the yearly cowboy Christmas ball. I once again enjoyed visualizing Branding Iron as it was getting ready for the holidays. Reading this story and continuing to be in this town was a great way to boost my holiday spirit.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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