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The Siren | Katherine St. John | Audiobook Review

Why did I read The Siren?

The Siren came to my attention via Twitter or Instagram and was described as a rollercoaster of a story. I was intrigued and decided to borrow the audiobook so that I could check it out for myself. I was looking for a book that would provide a change of pace for me and keep me on the edge of my seat. Also, The Siren sounded like a soap opera to me filled with secrets, deception, and romance and I’ll admit I can’t resist a good soap opera storyline.

What’s the story here?

The Siren brings together a group of Hollywood stars who are working together in the Carribean. They are filming the next blockbuster The Siren, a sultry script that often mirrors what is going on off screen. This cast of characters have a history together – some of which are known – some or which are unknown – and there are so many secrets between all of them. Of course, secrets have a way of coming out especially when one finds themselves trapped on a Carribean Island with the eye of a hurricane. No one is safe from this storm.

How did I like The Siren?

Wow. This was a soap opera and rollercoaster all mixed into one. It is non-stop from beginning to end and just when you think you understand, another curve ball is thrown your way. These characters are a bit of a mess, each for varying reasons, and there is alot that goes on while on this island that helps you understand why each of them is the way that they are. Secrets always have a way of coming out even when you thought you had buried them deep in the sand. The Siren also contains some scenes which may be upsetting to some readers. These scenes include physical violence, language, and drugging/sexual assault. I just wanted to forward some readers that this may not be as much of an escape thriller as advertised.

How’s the narration?

The narration is told in three different distinct voices who each bring excellent vocal skills to the story and bring it to life. Although the story flashes back and forth between past and present day, it was easy to follow. And it may start out with a bit of a slow burn and feel a little long at 13 hrs but trust me before you know it you are completely captivated and wanting to know more about these characters. I would recommend The Siren to anyone who enjoys rollercoasters of stories or Hollywood stories. This is an escapist thriller that would be good to read during any season as you will be transported to the Carribean island.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Audiobook review template courtesy of Good Books and Good Wine

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